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Innovative Controllable Meta-Materials

Morphing devices into materials

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Our company has been started in July 2009 as a government grants and contracts recipient. We have plans for further pursuing this avenue before accumulating a noticeable amount of IP rights and know-hows. We  are working with federal agencies and major industrial partners/clients.

Yuri M Shkel, PhD

Managing member

Dr. Yuri Shkel is an electrical and mechanical engineer who has studied and made contributions in the areas of multifunctional materials and novel sensor concepts. He graduated four PhD and five Master students in mechanical and electrical engineering, authored 2 patents and more than 80 peer reviewed publications in leading journals and international conference proceedings.


Irina A Shkel, PhD

Managing member

Dr. Irina Shkel is an expert in multi-scale modeling of complex fluidic systems engaged in multi-physics interactions: thermodynamics, electrostatics, and transport phenomena in micro- and nano-suspensions, flow at low Reynolds number. She is proficient with analytical and computational techniques for modeling such systems.


Yiyan Peng, PhD

Dr. Peng is an expert in polymer processing and sensing technologies. She is an expert in all aspects of the clean-room activities and material characterization.

Our customers and collaborators are Federal Agencies and Companies