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Innovative Controllable Meta-Materials

Morphing devices into materials

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Non-Linear Acoustics
NMR Devices
- Sensing
- Strain Measurements
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CoMMET's Core Technology
Controllable Meta-Materials & Electronic Technologies

Composite systems whose bulk properties are derived from the geometric structure rather than the chemical composition

•Range of technologies in the realm of nano-technology, micro-machining, self-assembly, controllable/smart materials, etc.

Area 1: Field-aided manufacturing (FaiMTA)

Area 2: Micro- and nano- suspensions in electric & magnetic fields

Area 3: Electroactivity of materials, e.g. electrostriction, piezoelectricity, dielectrostriction


Projects involving core technology


-Non-Linear Acoustics

-NMR Devices

-Strain/Stress Measurements



Products under development

-Tactile arrays for ultrasound diagnosis

-Bi-stable acoustic materials for hearing protection

-Micro-chambers for spin-stabilized atomic devices 

Active and Perspective Projects