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Innovative Controllable Meta-Materials

Morphing devices into materials

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Completed Projects

Ferrofluidic enclosures for enhanced control of thermal and magnetic fields in spin-stabilized atomic micro-devices

NSF-STTR Phase I Project: 07/01/2014-06/30/2015;  PI Dr. Yuri Shkel, CoMMET, LLC. This  project targets a micro-enclosure providing temperature and magnetic field control in a chamber containing vapor of alkali-metal atoms. A novelty of the proposed design is linking MNR chamber, heating elements, thermal sensor and solenoid coils by a ferrofluidic enclosure. More...




Quantitative Mechanical Imaging for Improving Breast Ultrasound Diagnosis
NIH (National Cancer Institute) R01 #CA140271 ongoing project: 07/01/2009 – 05/31/2014; PI: Dr. T.J. Hall, Medical School, University of Wisconsin Madison. The goals of this study are to integrate a pressure sensor array on front surface of an ultrasound transducer and use the pressure distribution information to obtain absolute elasticity distributions in breasts. CoMMET, LLC is subcontractor in this project and is responsible for developing (1) solid-state pressure sensing array working in front of an ultrasound probe, and (2) sensing meta-material which acoustic impedance equal to tissue.


Multifunctional Materials for Ultrasound Diagnosis

NSF-SBIR Phase I Project: 01/01/2011-06/01/2011;  PI Dr. Yuri Shkel, CoMMET, LLC. This project develops multifunctional meta-materials optimized for a solid-state tactile sensing. More...


Volume Charge Distribution Measurement in Thin Dielectrics

AirForce-STTR Phase I Project: 04/01/2012-10/01/2012; PI Dr. Yuri Shkel, CoMMET, LLC; Co-PI Prof Leon Shohet, Electrical & Computer Engineering, UW-Madison. The scope of this work is the design of an instrument for measuring volume-charge distributions in thin dielectric films. The instrument utilizes an enhanced Pulsed Electro-Acoustic (PEA) technique, delivers submicron spatial and at least 0.1 micro-Coulombs per cubic centimeter resolutions of the charge density.

Novel Acoustic Materials for Passive Hearing Protection

DARPA-SBIR Phase I project: 04/01/2011-02/01/2012; PI Dr. Yuri Shkel, CoMMET, LLC. This project develops bi-stable meta-material which would reject high amplitude harmful sound but transfers sound levels needed for the situation awareness. More...



Manufacturing of anisotropic composites

Pilot project with ABB Corporate Research (Poland): 06/01/2011-10/01/2011. This project targets novel materials for heat-sink applications.