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Innovative Controllable Meta-Materials

Morphing devices into materials

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Active and Perspective Projects

- Portable enclosures for spin-stabilized atomic micro-devices
Interest in portable spin-stabilized atomic devices arises due to increased demand for reliable frequency standards, gyroscopes for inertial navigation, and magnetometers for geophysics and geolocation application and for biomedical studies. Magnetic field homogeneity is critical for performance of atomic clocks and inertia navigation devices; similarly correct interpretation of NMR spectrum in non-uniform magnetic field is crucial in spin-stabilized atomic magnetometers. We  introduce a Chamber Transfer Function (CTF) which links applied magnetic field, the chamber geometry, signal detection approach and resulting spectral power distribution of the Larmor frequency. CTF of our ferrofluidic chamber is calculated and compared with traditional Helmholtz-coil designs. Current enclosure size is 12x8x8 mm3 and working area is hemisphere of 2 mm diameter. The obtained results demonstrate that designed chip-size enclosure has field homogeneity better 10-6, the field strength on two order magnitude higher and ten times less footprint than corresponding Helmholtz coils based designs. More...
- Low-Cost, Lightweight, High-Strength Structural Materials for Small and Medium Caliber Sabots
The essence of our approach is in application of electric field to a liquid composite and solidify it in the field presence.Applied uniform electric field produces modified structure which mechanically behaves as orthotropic fiber reinforced composite.  Electric field applied by electrodes located in strategic areas yields composite part having locally varying anisotropy which reduces stress concentration. The technology has been applied to materials having different compositions and up to 40% density of inclusions. It has been demonstrated that parts manufactured from local reinforced composites may have more 78.5% stress reduction in critical areas. More...

- Low Profile Strain Measurement System for Parachute Suspension Lines
Non-contact technology for the load detection in individual parachute suspension and control lines is  developed. Our solution does not affect performance of the parachute in any way and can withstand any dynamic overloads. A sensing element is 2 to 25 micron thick polyimide film with deposited electrodes. A film having 10 to 20mm in length is wrapped around the cord and has electronic conditioning element for interfacing sensor and DAQ unit.  Two implementations of the sensor rosette are proposed: one implementation detects uniaxial load and another detects both uniaxial load and the yarn twisting under the load. Sensing approach is based on detection of strain induced anisotropy in dielectric properties of the sensed material. A differential sensor rosette provides self-temperature and electromagnetic noise compensation in wide range of environmental conditions. More...
- Non-Contact Torque Sensor for Unmodified Composite Shafts and Non-Ferrous Metal Shafts
A sensor capability for non-contact detection of stresses in rotating shafts is developed. A stationary sensor rosette is located near the shaft surface and records all in-plane stress components which then are linked to the torque, bending stress and deflection of the shaft. More...

- Development of On-board W&CG Measurement System for Tactical Vehicles
On-board Weight and Center of Gravity (W&CG) measurement system for tactical vehicles is proposed. In its final form the system will provide location of W&CG in real time during the vehicle motion. More...